【22. my favorite spor】

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My favorite sport Sports should be a very important component part of our life. Without sports our life would be dull and we would not be able to achieve our goals in life. So sports are extremely important to everybody, the young and the old, the male and the female. There are so many sports people can go in for according to their own physical conditions and personal tastes. My favorite sport is running. I like running just because it’s simple and does not need any sophisticated equipment: you just need a pair of running shoes and what’s more, you can do it anywhere and anytime. That’s probably why so many like it, too. As a matter of fact, I used to be a couch potato. In the past, I used to think life was just a “noun” for me. I was not interested in any sport and all sports seemed dull to me. One day, however, my PE teacher told

me the benefits of running. Since then I have developed habit of running. Now running has brought me a new life and changed my life style and I have turned life to a “verb”. Running helps me to de-stress myself, because I tend to forget all the worries and anxieties while running in the open air to enjoy the beauty of nature. Running also offers me many new things. For example, I have many chances to enter for running races at different levels, which helps me to enlarge my circle of friends. During the training and competition, I have also learned something about friendship, team spirit, and mutual respect, which every athlete regards as their real victory and devotes themselves to . If someone asks me, “Has running only brought you all such things?” Definitely not. I am keen on running, because it is

good for my body. Though I have suffered in a way during the training, I believe in the saying, “No pains, no gains.” So I have never had an idea of giving it up. Now I am becoming stronger and in better shape than ever before in my life. There is a saying, “Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you are going to get.” I agree with the above statement in principle. Perhaps you don’t have an idea that you will become a runner, but if you have courage to try, success is not far away from you. There is one thing for sure that you’ve got to put the past behind you before you can move on. So if you want to become slim and energetic, all you need to do is to run. Also if you want to gain more perseverance, you can run as well. Undoubtedly, your life will constantly turn on a new leaf when you keep running along.

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